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1998 Press Kits

Space Shuttle Missions
(ASCII text files):

+ STS-89: Eighth mission to Mir. Andy Thomas replaces David Wolf aboard Mir. (January)
+ STS-90: Flight of Neurolab, a mission to investigate how space flight affects the human nervous system. (April)
HTML: + STS-91: Ninth and final mission to Mir (May).
PDF: + STS-95: John Glenn returns to orbit. (October) -- 650 Kb PDF
+ STS-88: Construction of the International Space Station begins. (December) -- 2.9 Mb PDF

Other Missions
+ Deep Space 1 -- a mission to test space flight technology -- 1.5 Mb PDF
+ Mars Missions -- Mars Climate Orbiter (1998 launch) and Mars Polar Lander (1999 launch) -- 1.3 Mb PDF