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1997 Press Kits

Space Shuttle Missions (ASCII text files)
+ STS-81: Fifth mission to Mir. Jerry Linenger replaces John Blaha aboard Mir. (January)
+ STS-82: Second + Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission. (February)
+ STS-83: First flight of Microgravity Sciences Mission, cut short after the loss of a Shuttle fuel cell. (April)
+ STS-84: Sixth mission to Mir. Mike Foale replaces Jerry Linenger aboard Mir. (May)
+ STS-94: Full mission reflight of MIcrogravity Sciences Laboratory. (July)
+ STS-85: Second flight of CRISTA-SPAS free-flying satellite. (August)
+ STS-86: Seventh flight to Mir. David Wolf replaces Mike Foale aboard Mir. (September-October) -- HTML
+ STS-87: Fourth flight of U.S. Microgravity Payload. (November)

Other missions
(PDF files requiring Adobe Acrobat reader)
+ Mars Pathfinder landing -- 415 Kb PDF (July)
+ Mars Global Surveyor arrival -- 397 Kb PDF (September)
+ Cassini mission to Saturn (October) -- 692 Kb PDF