NASA Fact Sheets

NASA Fact Sheets

Each NASA center creates and updates Fact Sheets covering its mission, facilities and projects. Click on a center's name to go its Fact Sheet index.

Aeronautics Fact Sheets: Aeronautics Fact Sheets: Green Aviation, the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, the Fundamental Aeronautics Program, the Airspace Systems Program, the Aviation Safety Program, the Aeronautics Test Program, and the Integrated Systems Research Program.

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Ames Research Center: Information technology, astrobiology (the study of the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe) and aviation operations, capacity and safety issues.

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Armstrong Flight Research Center: Aircraft, the Space Shuttle, biographies of test pilots.

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Glenn Research Center: Overviews of the center and several of its aeronautics and space projects and programs.

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Goddard Space Flight Center: Environmental science (including climate change and ozone research), astronomy (including the Hubble Space Telescope and Compton Gamma Ray Observatory), solar physics.

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Planetary exploration (including Galileo, Voyager, Magellan and upcoming missions to Mars), environmental research (including the Shuttle Imaging Radar and TOPEX/POSEIDON).

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Johnson Space Center: Human space flight, Space Shuttle missions, Space Station, Mission Control, Astronaut Fact Book, Lunar Samples.

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Kennedy Space Center: Space Shuttle components and launch procedures Space Shuttle missions.

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Langley Research Center: Aeronautics, atmospheric science, Shuttle experiments, technology spinoffs.

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Marshall Space Flight Center: Advanced X-Ray Astronomy Facility, Space Shuttle Main Engines, the Spacelab Program and microgravity research.

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Stennis Space Center: Space Shuttle Main Engine testing, geographic information systems, small spacecraft technology, commercial remote sensing.

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