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NASA Launches Web Site for Teenagers That Want More Class
NASA has launched a new Web site created specifically for teenagers that provides teens access to current NASA spacecraft data for use in school science projects, allows them to conduct real experiments with NASA scientists, and helps them locate space-related summer internships.

HQ Contact: Dwayne Brown, 202-358-1726
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Ruth Netting
NASA Education and Outreach

CUT 1 (:25) – Netting: Teenagers will be able to get involved, personally, by being a scientist. Engaging themselves by being a mentor, a professional. They’ll be able to look for job opportunities, internships, graduate work. They’ll also find themselves playing games.
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CUT 2 (:27) – Netting: I am excited by this new website – nothing else to offer it to my own sons. They’re taking astronomy themselves, they’ve been able to watch a launch, they’re excited about NASA, they’re excited about what NASA does, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to share that excitement and these opportunities to other students and other teenagers.
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