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STS-130 Mission Overview Briefing
Excerpts from the STS-130 Mission Overview briefing held at NASA’s Johnson Space Center Jan. 29, 2009.

Space shuttle Endeavour's mission will include three spacewalks and the delivery of the Tranquility node, the final module of the U.S. portion of the International Space Station. Tranquility will provide additional room for crew members and many of the space station's life support and environmental control systems. Attached to the node is a cupola, which houses a robotic control station and has seven windows to provide a panoramic view of Earth, celestial objects and visiting spacecraft. After the node and cupola are added, the orbiting laboratory will be about 90 percent complete.

Space shuttle Endeavour is set to begin its 13-day flight with a Feb. 7 launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Liftoff is planned for 4:39 a.m. EST, making this the final scheduled space shuttle night launch.

Center Contact: James Hartsfield, 281-483-5111
HQ Contact: Michael Curie, 202-358-1100
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Kwatsi Alibauho
STS-130 Lead Flight Director

Cut 1 (:41) - This mission is not only the first mission of 2010, it currently also expected to be the last night launch of the Shuttle. And so many folks are excited about seeing that. This mission also represents the end of U.S. segment assembly. Node 3 is the last U.S. produced module which will be added to the International Space Station. On subsequent missions we expect to add some logistics carriers as well as permanent multi-purpose module which is being produced by an Italian manufacturer that will added later this year. But the Node 3 represents the last significant infusion of the U.S. designed and built hardware.
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Dr. Bob Dempsey
Lead ISS Flight Director

Cut 2 (:42) - The Node 3 module is very similar to the Node 2 module that was launched a couple of years ago. And the key thing that is on this module is the cupola and could I have the slide to show what its like inside there. A robotic will be placed there with the view thy have by the seven windows. The crew will be able to do all kinds of robotic operations primarily when visiting vehicles like the HTV vehicle that came last Fall and other commercial vehicles come in the future they will be able to look out and use the robotic arm to capture and berth those visiting vehicles.
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