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Space Shuttle Endeavour Crew Returns to Earth After Delivering the Last Major U.S. Portion of the International Space Station
Space shuttle Endeavour and six astronauts ended a 14-day journey of more than 5.7 million miles with a 10:20 p.m. EST landing Sunday at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The STS-130 mission to the International Space Station included three spacewalks and the installation of the Tranquility node, a module that provides additional room for crew members and many of the space station's life support and environmental control systems. Attached to Tranquility is a cupola with seven windows that offers a panoramic view of Earth, celestial objects and visiting spacecraft. Tranquility and its cupola are the final major U.S. portions of the station. The orbiting laboratory now is approximately 90 percent complete in terms of mass.

George Zamka commanded the flight and was joined on the mission by Pilot Terry Virts and Mission Specialists Kay Hire, Steve Robinson, Nicholas Patrick and Bob Behnken.

Center Contact: Candrea Thomas, 321-867-2468
HQ Contact: Katherine Trinidad, 202-358-1100
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Voice of NASA Mission Control

Cut 1 (:21) - “Main gear touchdown. Pilot Terry Virts deploying the drag chute. Nose gear touchdown. Endeavour rolling on runway 15 at the Kennedy Space Center wrapping up a 5 point 7 million mile mission”
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George Zamka
STS-130 Commander


Voice of NASA Mission Control

Cut 2 (:21) -  Zamka: “Houston, Endeavour wheel stop”
Mission Control: “Roger wheel stop Endeavour, welcome home. Congratulations to you and the crew on an outstanding mission installing the tranquility node and opening up the cupola’s windows to the world.”
Zamka: “Houston it’s great to be home, it was a great adventure.”
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