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Space Station Astronaut Nicole Stott Returns to Earth
Astronaut Nicole Stott returned to Earth aboard shuttle Atlantis on Nov. 27, 2009 after 91 days in space. She had spent 87 days aboard the International Space Station and 80 days as an Expedition 20/21 flight engineer. She is the last astronaut who will be transported to or from the space station by a space shuttle. Atlantis landed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., to end its STS-129 mission to the station.

Center Contact: Allard Beutel, 321-867-2468
HQ Contact: Michael Curie, 202-358-1100
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TRT: 5:02

Nicole Stott
Expedition 20 and 21 Crew Member
International Space Station

CUT 1 (:37) – STOTT: Well, I have to say that I think it got more beautiful after having spent time there. I did an interview before I left, well I guess it was while we were on the shuttle after we had undocked and it was basically the same question and you think of your impression of things and I was so overwhelmed by it when we first got there when I launched on 128 and we approached and I couldn’t imagine thinking it could be any more beautiful but it is and I think that’s from spending time inside, having a change to do a space walk on the outside, and you know just the overall adventure that I had there I think it impressed me even more as I left
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CUT 2 (:37) – STOTT: I think the initial impression is, that as you move, everything else seems to be moving around you and it’s not a spinning dizzy feel it’s more if I get up then everything else seems to move…if I move to the left then everything else seems to be moving to the left and when we got on the crew transport vehicle, I was sitting there and I kept asking them to stop moving it. It felt like it kept moving. But I think other than that the main thing was when they opened the hatch fresh, clean, fall air and that was really nice.
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CUT 3 (:21) – STOTT: My family is here I got to see them. I have the promise of Coca-Cola with crushed ice in a Styrofoam cup. Some good food, some Thanksgiving leftovers waiting for me upstairs. I think the start of it is here and there’s also some nice warm showers here so that’s a definite luxury that I will enjoy for some time.
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CUT 4 (:43) – STOTT: Well I think it’s prefect preparation. We’re going back to the space station so I think I’ll feel totally comfortable when I get back there after living there for 3 months I mean, it was my home I was living and working there and I don’t think they’ll be any adaptation time for that. I’ll be able to get right into work with that. As far as the shuttle experience goes, since I was really just transported to and from station on the space shuttle I didn’t go through all of the shuttle training that the rest of the crew did. So, I have some work to do there I think in terms in getting up to speed as I fell blown shuttle crew member. But I definitely think that this experience with expedition 20 and 21 has prepared me to successfully support that.
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CUT 5 (1:06) – STOTT: I think the overall experience had to do with the crew I was with and I started out with five other guys, two of which when home shortly after I was there Mike Barrett and Ganaldy Podolka, both wonderful people, people I knew from training before and then after that Max Surrieff and Jeff Williams – two more people that I know very well from the ground. And Frank and Bob and Roman…the same. And we spent a lot of time training together and I think that as a crew we were successful we did have a lot of things go on. HTV I think stands out probably as the…to me…I don’t know if I want to say the word “interesting” but the most different you know new thing that went on with the space station. And the fact that Frank, Bob, and I had trained so long on the ground to work that HTV track and capture and then all of the robotic operations afterwards. The fact that we got to actually perform on orbit together as definitely one of the highlights for me.
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CUT 6 (:31) – STOTT: Everything I did with hardware here at KSC with knowing how dedicated the people that are on working on the hardware…it prepares you. I mean, you feel you have an intimate relationship with not only the people here at the space center but with the hardware itself. You know, I felt good every step of the way. From launch through landing I felt good about the hardware and the people that had prepared it for me. I think it was a definite – you know number one on the list of making me ready.
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CUT 7 (:36) – STOTT: I like to say that I’m thankful. I’m thankful for all the people at KSC, at JSC, across all the NASA centers, as well as around the planet you know all of our international partners because I think the space station program, from the international standpoint has done a lot for us globally outside of just a space station program and the relationship I had with the training people I worked with, with the mission control, as well as with my crew I think proves that globally and internationally we can cooperate make very good things happen.
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