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NASA Gives Go for Final Space Shuttle Night Launch Feb. 7
Excerpts from a news conference held Jan. 27 at which the launch of NASA's space shuttle Endeavour from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida was announced for Feb. 7 at 4:39 a.m. EST, making it the final scheduled space shuttle night launch. STS-130 is a scheduled 13-day flight to the International Space Station. Endeavour's launch date was announced Wednesday at the conclusion of a flight readiness review at Kennedy. During the meeting, senior NASA and contractor managers assessed the risks associated with the mission and determined the shuttle's equipment, support systems and procedures are ready.

Center Contact: Candrea Thomas, 321-867-2468
HQ Contact: Katherine Trinidad, 202-358-1100
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Bill Gerstenmaier, Assoc. Administrator for Space Operations

Cut 1 (:08):  "It was an extremely thorough review and we set the launch date for February 7th at 4:39 and so far things look pretty good."
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Mike Leinbach, Shuttle Launch Director

CUT 2 (:08): "From a processing prospective we’re in outstanding shape and we came processing Endeavour and the other flight elements and the other ground support equipment are doing just a fantastic job."
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