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Progress Docking with ISS Aborted by Telemetry Failure
The scheduled July 2 docking of an unpiloted Russian supply spacecraft with the International Space Station was aborted after its telemetry malfunctioned about 28-minutes from its destination. The Progress 38, carrying almost two tons of food, fuel and other supplies to the six-member Expedition 24 crew, flew past the space station to a safe position from which another docking attempt will be initiated. Future docking opportunities are being evaluated.

Center Contact: Rob Navias, 281-483-5111

HQ Contact: Stephanie Schierholz, 202-358-1100

Rob Navias
NASA Television Commentator

Navias (:11)  Today’s expected docking of the Progress to the International Space station was called off, aborted some 28 minutes to the anticipated linkup at 11:58 AM Central Time. 
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Navias (:13)  Around 11:30 AM Central Time right around the time we went on the air.   We learned there had been a loss of telemetry between the automated rendezvous system and a comparable system on the Zvezda Service Module to which the Progress was to have linked up to.

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Navias (: 24)The Progress flew safely past the International Space Station at a distance of about 3 kilometers and continues to fly in front of the station maintaining an opening rate while the Russian flight control team continues to press ahead with it’s analysis of the telemetry that was available in determining why the system lost it’s telemetry link to the Zvezda service module, and in turn when the next docking attempt will be made. 
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