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NASA Administrator Joins President to Honor Educators and Announce New Initiative
Administrator Charlie Bolden joined President Obama at a special White House ceremony Jan. 6 to honor educators from across the country for their excellence in mathematics, science teaching and mentoring. The event was part of the President’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign to boost student achievement in STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math.

Among other related initiatives, NASA will partner with companies, non-profits, and states, to launch the “Summer of Innovation.” The pilot enrichment program will substantially enhance STEM learning opportunities for students during the summer, with an emphasis on broadening participation of underrepresented groups. Through competitive grants to states, NASA will use its substantial STEM assets to create multi-week summer learning programs (a blend of classroom time, camp programs, internships, and mentoring), that will help thousands of teachers and students in the first year. The program will culminate in a national event, in partnership with other departments and agencies.

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President Barack Obama

CUT 1 (:25): Obama: We are here today to honor teachers and mentors like Barb who are upholding their responsibility not just to the young people who they teach but to our country by inspiring and educating a new generation in math and science. But we're also here because this responsibility can't be theirs alone. All of us have a role to play in building an education system that is worthy of our children and ready to help us seize the opportunities and meet the challenges of the 21st century.
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CUT 2 (:20): Obama: Our future depends on reaffirming America's role as the world's engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation. And that leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today, especially in math, science, technology, and engineering.
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CUT 3 (:23): Obama: And that's why I've challenged the scientific community to think of new and creative ways to engage young people in their fields. That's why we launched the "Educate to Innovate" campaign -- a nationwide effort by citizens, non-for-profits, universities, and companies from across America to help us move to the top of the pack in math and science education.
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CUT 4 (:35): Obama: I'm calling on all 200,000 scientists who work for the federal government to do their part in their communities: to speak at schools, to create hands-on learning opportunities through efforts like National Lab Day, and to help stoke that same curiosity in students which perhaps led them to pursue a career in science in the first place. NASA will also be launching an enrichment program to bring their scientists and engineers to students in the classroom and to bring students to NASA, so that they might experience that same sense of wonder and excitement while maybe learning a little bit at the same time.
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CUT 5 (:18): Obama: Every person in this room remembers a moment in which an educator showed them something about the world -- or something about themselves -- that changed their lives. It could be a word of encouragement, a helping hand, a lesson that sparked a question, that ignited a passion, and ultimately may have propelled a career
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