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Operation IceBridge Launches Spring Campaign in Greenland to Measure Arctic Ice
Operation IceBridge launches its spring 2010 campaign to measure Arctic ice. Deploying from NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, on March 20, IceBridge scientists will fly to Thule, Greenland.  Researchers from NASA, University of Kansas, Columbia University and University of North Dakota will spend the next two and a halfmonths surveying Arctic sea ice, ice sheets and glaciers.  Ice Bridge will “bridge” data from NASA’s ICESat and ICESat-2 satellites to provide a continuous look at how Arctic ice is changing.

Center Contact: Laura Motel, 301-286-8955
HQ Contact: Steve Cole, 202-358-0918

John Sonntag,
Operation IceBridge Management
Goddard Space Flight Center

Cut 1 (:17)  - “A lot of scientist believe that climate change will first show up at the polar region, so if they were to start to melt, which many  people believe they are, then the  eventual effect would be  a warmer climate overall.”
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Bryan Blair
LVIS Instrument Team Lead
Goddard Space Flight Center

Cut 2 (:19) - “If you want to look at areas that are very dynamic like a glacial region, that actually has a lot of ice is moving through and there is a lot of vertical changes, we can map that entire area and capture the full spacial variability of that change, which is really a good indication of the mechanics of how that change is happening.”
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