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A New Era of Innovation and Discovery
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden called for change and a new era of innovation in America's approach to science and space exploration. "Today we are launching a bold and ambitious new space initiative," Bolden said, "to enable us to explore new worlds, develop more innovative technologies, foster new insights and increase our understanding of the Earth."

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Charles F. Bolden
NASA Administrator

Cut 1 (:12) - President Obama today has given us a bold challenge -- to become an engine of innovation, and the catalyst for an ambitious new space program that includes and inspires people around the world.
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Cut 2 (:17) – With this budget and the steps it lays out, the United States and its partners in other nations, in industry, and in academia will pursue a more sustainable and affordable approach to spaceflight through the development of transformative technologies and systems.
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Cut 3 (:15) – We will blaze a new trail of discovery and development. We will facilitate the growth of new commercial industries. And we will expand our understanding of the Earth, our solar system, and the universe beyond.
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Cut 4 (:14) – To accomplish these objectives, the president has increased NASA's budget over the next five years by 6 billion dollars, an extraordinary show of support in these tough budgetary times.
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Cut 5 (:32) – Americans and people worldwide have turned to NASA for inspiration throughout our history – our work gives people an opportunity to imagine what’s barely possible, and we at NASA get to turn those dreams into real achievements for all humankind. I'm here today to tell you that this budget gives us a roadmap to even more historic achievements as it spurs innovation, employs Americans in exciting jobs, and engages people around the world.
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