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Hurricane Earl Source of Valuable New Data for NASA Researchers
As Hurricane Earl continues tracking up the East Coast, Dr. Jeff Halverson, UMBC Professor and NASA Hurricane specialist, discusses how NASA aircraft and satellites studying the storm are providing new physical insights and data about hurricane formation and intensification to researchers.

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Dr. Jeff Halverson
NASA Hurricane Scientist

Halverson (:18) Well it looks like the season has finally turned itself on.  We have a lot of these systems starting to come off Africa, developing kind of a train of systems across the Atlantic.  We’re approaching the peak of the season, which is around September 15 and so it looks like it’s turning out to be a very active year. 
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Halverson (:27) Some of the data that we collect, those instrument packages that come out of the aircraft – that data goes right out to satellite.  It goes into forecast models almost instantly.  But yes, most of the science is done after the data is collected, over the next few months over the next couple of year.  We’re going to have so much data.  We’re going to have riches to mine and I think we’re really going to revolutionize hurricane science.  We’re going to understand rapid intensification and genesis better than ever before. 
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