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  • First “Goldilocks” Exoplanet Discovered by NASA-funded Researchers

    09.29.10 - A team of planet hunters led by astronomers at the University of California (UC), Santa Cruz and the Carnegie Institution of Washington has announced the discovery of a planet orbiting a nearby star, Gliese 581, at a distance that places it squarely in the middle of the star's "habitable zone." This would be the most Earth-like exoplanet and the first truly habitable one yet discovered.

  • Expedition 24 Crew Lands Safely In Kazakhstan

    09.27.10 - Expedition 24 Commander Alexander Skvortsov, NASA Flight Engineer Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Russian Flight Engineer Mikhail Kornienko landed safely on the steppe of Kazakhstan on September, 25 2010.

  • NASA Scientist Talks to Media About Astroids Passing Close to Earth

    9.9.10 - During a satellite interview, NASA Scientist, Lindley Johnson, answered question regarding two asteroids passing within the moon's distance from Earth on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

  • Team Helping Chilean Miners Talks with Reporters

    09.08.10 - A NASA team sent to Chile to aid miners trapped at the San Jose gold and copper mine near Copiapo held a news conference on Sept. 7 at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

  • Hurricane Earl Source of Valuable New Data for NASA Researchers

    09.03.10 - As Hurricane Earl continues tracking up the East Coast, Dr. Jeff Halverson, UMBC Professor and NASA Hurricane specialist, discusses how NASA aircraft and satellites studying the storm are providing new physical insights and data about hurricane formation and intensification to researchers.

  • Chile Press Conference on Miners

    08.31.10 - This Embassy of the United States of America in Santiago, Chile press conference features the Chilean Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, and NASA specialists that arrived in Santiago, Chile this morning. It occured at the Chilean Ministry of Mining on Aug. 31, 2010.

  • NASA and ATK Successfully Test Five-Segment Solid Rocket Motor

    08.31.10 - With a loud roar and a mighty column of flame, NASA and ATK successfully completed a two-minute, full-scale test of the largest and most powerful solid rocket motor designed for flight on August 31.

  • NASA Provides Assistance to Trapped Chilean Miners

    08.30.10 - Dr. Michael Duncan, NASA/Johnson Space Center Deputy Chief Medical Officer, talks about NASA's assistance to trapped miners in Chile.

  • Kepler Mission Discovers Two Planets Transiting Same Star

    08.26.10 - NASA's Kepler Mission has discovered the first confirmed planetary system with more than one planet transiting the same star.

  • Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes: Studying Earth’s Hurricanes from Above

    08.26.10 - The GRIP 2010 hurricane mission is in full force. During this year's Atlantic hurricane season, researchers will be able to “see” below the cloud-tops and uncover what is happening in the internal structure of the storm through the use of powerful instruments onboard the DC-8, WB-57, and Global Hawk aircraft.

  • Plant Productivity In A Warming World

    08.20.10 - The past decade is the warmest on record since instrumental measurements began in the 1880s.

  • NASA's LRO Reveals Incredible Shrinking Moon

    08.20.10 - Newly discovered cliffs in the lunar crust indicate the moon shrank globally in the geologically recent past and might still be shrinking today, according to a team analyzing new images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft.

  • Spacewalk Managers Weigh-In On Third And Final EVA

    08.16.10 - During a briefing on Aug. 16 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, officials discussed the completion of the final planned spacewalk to replace an ammonia pump module that failed July 31. Astronauts Doug Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson spent over seven hours installing a spare pump module.

  • NASA Briefing on Expedition 24's Second Spacewalk

    08.12.10 - During a briefing on Aug. 11 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, officials discussed the second of two spacewalks to replace a faulty oven-sized cooling system component in the International Space Station’s truss that failed July 31.


    08.09.10 - During a briefing Aug. 7 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, officials discussed the first of two spacewalks to replace a faulty oven-sized cooling system component in the International Space Station’s truss that failed July 31.

  • NASA Completes 2010 Voyage to Arctic Ocean

    08.06.10 - On July 26, NASA concluded the 2010 portion of the Impacts of Climate change on the Eco-Systems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment (ICESCAPE) project, NASA’s first dedicated oceanographic field campaign.


    08.05.10 - NASA Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes mission, or GRIP, will study how hurricanes form and intensify from Aug. 15 – Sept. 30.

  • NASA Previews Space Station Spacewalks

    08.03.10 - NASA managers discussed updated plans for two International Space Station spacewalks during a news briefing 4 p.m. Eastern on Monday, Aug. 2.

  • NASA and ESA’S First Joint Mission To Mars Selects Instrument

    08.02.10 - NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have embarked on a joint program to explore Mars in the coming decades and selected the five science instruments for the first mission.

  • NASA's Hibernating Mars Rover may not Phone Home

    07.30.10 - NASA mission controllers have not heard from the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit since March 22, and the rover is facing its toughest challenge yet – trying to survive the harsh Martian winter.