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NASA Administrator Delivers Keynote Address At Annual Astronomy Meeting
NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden gave the keynote address at the 215th American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting held in Washington, DC. With some 3,500 in attendance and more than 2,200 scientific presentations this is the largest astronomy meeting in history. Some of the topics discussed at this year’s event include black holes, exoplanets, exploding stars and pulsars.

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Charlie Bolden
NASA Administrator

CUT 1 (:12): Bolden: There's just an incredible number of missions we are going to launch in the coming months, beginning this month, that I think will revolutionize the way look at our world.
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CUT 2 (:25): Bolden: This year that just ended was a remarkable one for our agency and if you let I want to mention some of the astrophysics highlights that you know so well. Kepler was launched last March to conduct a census of earth sized in our galaxy. Just yesterday here the first Kepler discoveries of large planet was announced and many more discoveries are anticipated during its three and a half year mission.
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CUT 3 (:15): Bolden: The Wise mission was launch in December just last month, our newest mission in the Explorer program, it will gather a treasure trove of new data on the entire infrared sky, going much deeper than previous surveys with much better resolution.
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