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NASA Announces Launch Date and Milestones for SpaceX Flight
NASA has announced the launch target for Space Exploration Technologies' (SpaceX) second Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) demonstration flight will be Feb. 7, 2012. Pending completion of final safety reviews, testing and verification, NASA also has agreed to allow SpaceX to send its Dragon spacecraft to rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS) in a single flight. Begun in 2006, NASA's COTS program is investing financial and technical resources to stimulate efforts within the private sector to develop and demonstrate safe, reliable and cost-effective space transportation capabilities. In a multiphase strategy, the program is spurring the innovation and development of new spacecraft and launch vehicles from commercial industry, creating a new system of delivering cargo to low-Earth orbit and the International Space Station.

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Lori Garver, NASA Deputy Administrator

(:16) NASA is announcing that we have set the target date to continue to make our progress.  Our target date for launch on Febrary 7th, next year for Space X's second Commercial Orbital Transportation Services demonstration. 
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(:10)  So it is the opening of that new commercial cargo delivery era for ISS and it is great news for NASA and Space X together. 
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(:15)  Together we're truely developing an industry that until recently had largely been science fiction, but now that it stands poised to open the new frontier  - that next chapter in human space development. 
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(:15) Through our technology programs hundreds of projects are being initiated and that space technology program serves as the catalyst for innovation throughout the American aerospace industries and creating again, those new high technology jobs. 
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