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Robotic Demonstration Tests Spacecraft Operations of the Future
Satellite operations are challenging all by themselves. But what happens when high flying hardware needs maintenance up close? The Robotic Refueling Mission promises to test the proposition.  In a first-of-its-kind demonstration, RRM will test technologies of the future aimed at servicing on-orbit hardware with advanced robots.

TRT: 00:23

Center Contact: Dewayne Washington 301-286-0040
HQ Contact: Joshua Buck 202-358-1100
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Justin Cassidy – RRM Deputy Project Manager

Cut #1 – TRT -00:15-"We’re showing folks that we have the capability to use an existing robot that was not meant to be used with tools on RRM and we’ve adapted those tools to make them compatible with the DEXTRE Robot and also compatible with our mock satellite interface on RRM.”

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Matt Ashmore – RRM Tool Specialist

Cut #2 – TRT -00:08-“It’s really exciting to feel like you’re working at the front of the wave, and the work that our team is doing…it’s uncharted territory.”

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