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Cassini Spots Possible Titan Ice Volcano
New data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveal topography on Saturn's moon Titan that makes the best case yet for an ice volcano on Titan and reveals the most Earth-like candidate in the outer solar system.

Center Contact – Jia-Rui C. Cook          818- 354-0850
HQ Contact – Dwayne C. Brown                        202-358-1726

Rosaly Lopes
Cassini Radar Scientist

(:36) A cryovolcano gives us an indication that there is a layer of liquid water probably with ammonia under the icy crust of Titan. Now, this is important for a number of reasons and one of them is that if you still have heat and enough heat to actually cause cryovolcanism to occur and if you have water then those are two of the ingredients that you need for life and Titan has a lot of organics as well, so it makes Titan a more exciting place.
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