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Products derived from NASA technologies were featured at ‘Spinoff Day’ held
at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington.  NASA’s Chief Technologist Bobby Braun kicked off the event that showcased companies whose products, ‘spun off’ from NASA research and technology, have improved life here on Earth.  NASA’s scientific and technological research and development has led to more than 1600 successfully-commercialized applications in health and medicine, public safety, consumer goods, transportation, environmental resources, computer technology, and industrial productivity.       

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Bobby Braun, NASA Chief Technologist

Cut 1 (:31) - Bobby Braun - ”In our human exploration approach.  Working in technologies, investing in new technologies to enable new human exploration missions.  And in our science missions, whether we’re talking about Earth science or planetary exploration missions, we have a technology focus that will allow us to do new things in science which will  spur new advances and frankly will inspire a whole new generation of students into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educational pathways and career pathways. “
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Bobby Braun, NASA Chief Technologist

Cut 2 (:24) - Bobby Braun - “And I believe very firmly, and very strongly that this new approach, this technology enabled approach will allow NASA to produce more things like you see in the room today.  Not just more science and exploration missions, but more Earth based spinoffs.  More technology related spinoffs.  And more businesses and industries that can compete in the global marketplace.”
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