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NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and NASA Chief Financial Officer Elizabeth Robinson briefed reporters about the agency's fiscal year 2013 budget during a news conference at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Feb. 13.

The news conference was broadcast live on NASA Television and streamed on the agency's website. Questions were taken from news media representatives at headquarters and NASA field centers. For the first time, NASA also invited a group of its Twitter followers to join reporters for the budget news conference and to submit questions via Twitter. .

TRT: 01:01
HQ Contact: Beth Dickey, 202-358-2087
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Cut #1 - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

(TRT -00:26) “There's no doubt that tough decisions had to be made, here at NASA as well as all across government.  However, ours is a stable budget that allows us to support a diverse portfolio of human exploration, technology development, science, aeronautics, and education work. This budget continues the work we started last year with bi-partisan support of the Congress and approval of the President.”
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Cut #2 - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

(TRT – 00:33) “We’ve made steady and tangible progress on the next-generation deep space crew capsule and our new heavy lift rocket that will launch astronauts on journeys to destinations farther in our solar system.  This priority is funded in this budget. Already we've been doing test firings of the J-2X engine that will power the heavy lift's upper stage.  Orion has undergone water drop tests for its eventual ocean landings.  Funding is included in this budget to keep this important work going.”
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