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NASA's Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes mission, or GRIP, will study how hurricanes form and intensify from Aug. 15 – Sept. 30. GRIP involves several NASA satellites and three NASA aircraft devoted to Earth science research. Scientists will use the data to better understand how these storms form and how they strengthen, weaken and die.

Center Contact:  Beth Hagenauer 661-276-7960, DRFC
Center Contact:  Rob Gutro 301-286-4044, GSFC
HQ Contact : Steve Cole 202-358-0918
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Scott Braun - Research Meteorologists Goddard Space Flight Center

Cut 1 00:11 – “I see the tremendous potential that GRIP has to offer in terms of the ability to answer some of these long standing questions we have about how storms form and why they intensify.”
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Gerry Heymsfield  - Research Meteorologists, Goddard Space Flight Center

Cut 2 00:20 – “GRIP will be a very exciting field experiment. It’s the first time we have had so many different aircraft with so many new sensors studying the development and intensification of tropical systems, tropical waves and how they become hurricanes.”
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Ramesh Kakar - Program Scientist, NASA HQ

Cut 3 00:28 – “The NASA aircraft DC-8 and WB-57 will help us make traditional measurements but the involvement of the Global Hawk and two of its satellite-quality instruments is a game changer. These two microwave instruments will allow us to see what is happening below cloud deck and the endurance of the aircraft will allow us to get an unprecedented sustained look of the inner workings of these storms.”
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