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On Feb. 17, Sen. John Glenn and astronaut Scott Carpenter talked about NASA's future exploration destinations during a question and answer session at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Glenn and Carpenter were honored as part of Kennedy's celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Americans in Orbit.

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Cut#1  Robert Cabana, Director Kennedy Space Center & Scott Carpenter, Mercury Astronaut

(TRT - 00:27) – “What do you see as the future for human spaceflight, begin where we've come.

Where are we going? What’s your perspective on it, Scott?

 “I think the future is two-fold, I think we’ll do more exploration whether it’s asteroid, Mars or whatever. I think it will go beyond Mars sometime, probably not in our lifetime, but sometime.”
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Cut# 2: Senator John Glenn

(TRT – 00:31) ”This is where we ran afoul here in some recent years, and all of you are very much aware of most of this, anyway, but under a previous administration, a decision was made to go the moon, set up a base and go to Mars.  But with no funding, and funding was to come from cutting out the space shuttle flights.  Which I thought was a big mistake and it left Charlie in an awful position to having to perform his job because we don’t have the way to transferring our own people from Earth to space and we have to do that with the Russians.”
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