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Astrophysicist, shuttle astronaut, and current NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate John Grunsfeld was interviewed April 27 on National Public Radio's "Science Friday" show with host Ira Flatow. Grunsfeld discussed his vision as head of the space agency’s science programs as well as his expectations on the upcoming Curiosity rover landing  on Mars, the importance of NASA's climate change research, and his passion for inspiring American youth in science and technology careers.

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John Grunsfeld- NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate

“NASA does great science. And science has been the backbone of NASA for more than  forty-five years ever since James Webb helped introduce science into NASA and of course that’s why we named the James Webb SpaceTelescope after that second administrator for NASA.”

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“And often the things that we ask companies to build are not easy things, you know. It’s not the hammer. We’re asking people to build things that haven’t been built before, optics for the James Webb Space Telescope, or detectors that push the boundaries of what some of these companies have ever done before and by doing that, you know, they learn things that they then apply to other projects that allow them to be successful and that moves our country forward.”
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