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Ground Team Seeks Solution to Sticky Valve
Lead International Space Station Flight Director Ron Spencer discusses a problem nitrogen valve on the station’s newly-installed ammonia tank assembly during the STS-131 Mission Status Briefing on April 13 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. The closed valve won’t allow nitrogen to pressurize the ammonia system that cools the station. Flight controllers are planning multiple options to attempt to fix the problem.
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Ron Spencer, Lead ISS Flight Director

Cut (1) – RT 00:16
“Today was the third and final EVA of this mission, the primary task that we accomplished during this EVA was to hook up the ammonia and nitrogen connections to the new ATA that was installed two days ago during EVA number 2 and that all went nominal.”
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Cut (2) – RT 00:12
“We did have a problem once the ground team started to activate that ATA however, we did not successfully get a nitrogen valve to operate which would have allowed us to pressurize that ammonia tank .”
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Cut (3) – RT 00:06
“The engineers are off working that problem right now to see what we can do to fix this sticky valve.”
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Cut (4) – RT 00:28
 “The valve itself is not EVA serviceable, however, the valve that we had a problem with is in the nitrogen tank assembly which feeds nitrogen to pressurize the ammonia system not in the ammonia tank assembly itself.    We do have two spare nitrogen tank assemblies on orbit if we have to swap those out, and if we did that it would be an EVA required task to swap out nitrogen tank assemblies.”
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