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NASA Goddard financial manager, Matthew Ritsko was named the winner of the third annual White House SAVE Award on November 17, 2011. The government-wide contest solicited 19,000 suggestions from the federal employees on ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. Ritsko proposed creating a “lending library” for tools to be shared by NASA employees building space flight projects. Ritsko was one of four finalists. His idea received nearly 40% of the online votes.

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 Matthew Ritsko, SAVE Awardee, Financial Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center  

(Cut 1) TRT – 00:24 - “The SAVE award is an initiative led by OMB and the President, that got started three years ago, for federal workers to identify cost savings in the federal government, and to put it forward as part of a contest.  A lot of the ideas that are submitted, are then taken and implemented in the OMB budget, and the winner every year of the best idea goes to the White House and is able to meet the President. “
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Matthew Ritsko, SAVE Awardee, Financial Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center  

(Cut 2) TRT – 00:24 - ”This year my idea was to do a “lending library” of sorts.  That’s the term that’s being coined a little bit. The official word is more from an engineering standpoint a tool crypt.  Where we would store tools and parts from residual flight hardware left over after a missions launches, that other projects could use in the future. So we’ll do an area of actual storage a facility of some sort, a building, and a location to house it, as well an inventory control system, a software system, to track the part, tools, materials and then projects can go a lend it out if it’s a piece of equipment that is reusable or if it’s a consumable left behind, for example a flight hardware part, that perhaps another mission can use, they can go use the part or the tool and return it when it’s done.”
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