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NASA Prepares to Launch Next Earth-Observing Satellite Mission, Glory

In February of 2011, NASA will launch its newest Earth-observing research mission, Glory, designed to improve our understanding of how the sun and airborne particles called aerosols affect Earth's climate.


Center Contact: Laura Motel 301-286-8955

HQ Contact: Steve Cole, 202-385-0918

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Bryan Fafaul, Glory Project Manager

The Glory scientists will use both the aerosol and the solar irradiance data to help us understand the climate model. Aerosols are currently the biggest unknown in that climate model.
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Michael Mishchenko, Glory Project Scientist

We need to study the distribution of particles globally, and the only way to do that is from a satellite.
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Brian Cairns, APS Instrument Scientist

The biggest concern in terms of how aerosols affect the climate of the Earth is how much do they absorb, and that's typically a question of how much black carbon they have in them.
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