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NASA Briefing on Expedition 24's Second Spacewalk
During a briefing on Aug. 11 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, officials discussed the second of two spacewalks to replace a faulty oven-sized cooling system component in the International Space Station’s truss that failed July 31. 

Astronaut Doug Wheelock successfully closed the quick disconnect valve for the final fluid connector for the failed ammonia pump module. Then he successfully detached the final fluid line from the failed ammonia pump module.

Tracy Caldwell Dyson disconnected five electrical and data cables while Wheelock broke torque and removed four bolts from the old pump. The pump module then was extracted from the truss through the use of a grapple bar and installed on a payload bracket on the Mobile Base System on the station’s truss.

Their spacewalk ended at 3:53 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

Center Contact: Kelly Humphries, 281-483-5111
HQ Contact: John Yembrick, 202-358-1100

Mike Suffredini
International Space Station Program Manager

SUFFERDINI (:24)   Today was a very successful day for us, EVA 2 on our way to replacing the starboard ammonia pump.   The hardware cooperated with us in some instances ; we had a struggle or two in others, but over all we got ahead of the timeline and got a few of our get ahead tasks done in preparation  for installing the new pump on EVA 3.
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SUFFERDINI (:08)  …and our goal on that EVA is to try to get that pump installed and hooked up so that the team can activate the pump subsequent to that EVA. 
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Courtenay McMillan
Expedition 24 Spacewalk Flight Director

MCMILLIAN (:14)  Doug and Tracy and Shannon all did a fantastic job.  They were in a great mood at the end of the EVA for obvious reasons and the whole team now is regrouping and looking a priorities and getting ready for our next EVA.
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