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Culbertson Recalls Time on Space Station During 9/11 Attacks
On Sept. 11, 2001, NASA astronaut, Frank Culbertson, was the lone American not on the planet. Culbertson and two Russian cosmonauts   were orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station as members of the Expedition 3 crew.

Frank Culbertson, ISS Expedition 3 Commander (On Orbit, 2001)

(:20)  I would like to remember our classmate, Chic Burlingame the captain of the American Airlines flight that of course crashed into the Pentagon.  Chic was a hero in my book as were all the Academy graduates who perished last week and I think that we should take a moment to remember them.  As well as all the victims of this terrible tragedy. 
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 (1:18)  I would like to send a message to the station down in memory of Chic and to all of our graduates who perished and to all the victims of this tragedy, something that has never been done before from space…so I’d like to ask all of your to rise for a moment of silence as we play something from International Space Station Alpha…


God bless the Naval Academy, God bless our country, and God bless all of those who were affected by last week.  Thank you all very much. 
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Frank Culbertson, ISS Expedition 3 Commander (In studio, 2011)

(:12) I saw it out the window and we took video as the second tower was collapsing.  Didn’t know what was happening but I knew it was really bad because there was a big cloud of debris covering Manhattan. 
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(:26)  The first think that struck us when we got home was the increased security.  We knew it was there and we knew to expect it but the reality of it from when I left to when I came back – all the barriers up all the additional security checks at the airport – at that time going into any public building was even more onerous then than it is now.  But it really was startling how things had changed and we clearly were a country at war.
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(:10) I think it’s important for people to continue to learn the lessons from this and make sure that we are – in fact- making ourselves a better country as a result of it. 
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