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Bolden Speaks at National Press Club
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden outlined the agency's post-shuttle future in a speech to media and members at the National Press Club in Washington.

Bolden told the luncheon gathering and a national television audience that NASA will continue its human space exploration efforts aboard the International Space Station, and by developing new technologies and capabilities to send future generations to multiple destinations beyond low Earth orbit. Bolden also spoke of NASA's continued dedication to sending robotic science missions into the solar system and beyond, and innovation in aeronautics research.

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

(:21) Americans have always, always been a curious people.  Bold enough to imagine new worlds, ingenious enough to chart a course to them, and courageous enough to go for it.  The gifts of knowledge and innovation we have brought back from the unknown have played their part in building a more perfect union. 
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(:23) Some say that our final shuttle mission will mark the end of America’s 50 years of dominance in human spaceflight; as a former astronaut and the current NASA administrator, I’m here to tell you that American leadership in space will continue for at least the next half-century because we have laid the foundation for success – and failure is not an option.
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(:!4) We are not ending human space flight, we are recommitting ourselves to it and taking the necessary – and difficult – steps today to ensure America’s pre-eminence in human spaceflight for years to come.
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President Obama not only honors the Kennedy space legacy, but also again challenges this nation this his vision for the next era of space exploration.  And let me tell you, NASA is ready for the grand challenge. 
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