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NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis Makes Its Final Move
On Friday, Nov. 2, space shuttle Atlantis was moved from Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the Center’s Visitor Complex where the orbiter will go on public display. The shuttle made the 10-mile journey from the VAB to the visitor complex atop a 76-wheel flatbed vehicle called the Orbiter Transportation System, stopping along the route for a retirement ceremony and viewing opportunity for visitor complex guests.
NASA retains the title to Atlantis and is providing it to the visitor complex for the public to view. Engineers prepared the shuttle for public display as part of NASA's transition and retirement processing of the shuttle fleet. A grand opening of Atlantis' new home at the Visitor Complex is planned for July 2013.

TRT: 00:32
            Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator           

Center Contact: Michael Curie, 321-867-2468 HQ Contact: Trent Perrotto, 202-358-1100 For more info:

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

TRT-00:32 “I want to thank all the crews here today who flew Atlantis in space. I want to thank the workforce that sent her successfully to orbit again and again. I also want to thank the American public at large for making this incredible dream and achievement possible that we all share today. Our best days are ahead of us with the shuttle as our tailwind. Godspeed Atlantis on your next mission of inspiration and motivation.”
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