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NASA Astronaut Stresses Importance of Sharing Innovative Technology at Global Women's Cancer Summit
NASA astronaut Ron Garan served as the keynote speaker for the Innovation, Science/Research & Technology Track at the Susan G. Komen International Global Women’s Cancer Summit, held Feb. 4 at the Fairmont Hotel in Washington. Garan, who is currently working on NASA’s Open Government Initiative, which seeks to develop innovative collaborations within government, industry and citizens around the world, cites the International Space Station as an example of global collaboration in sharing innovative technology for humanitarian purposes. A veteran of two spaceflights, Garan most recently spent 164 days aboard the space station as a member of the Expedition 27/28 crew.

Cut 1 – Ron Garan, NASA Astronaut

TRT- 00:21 - “We do not have to be in orbit to realize that each and every one of us needs each, and that we are not going to come to a cure unless we work together.  We don’t have to be in space to realize that by embracing innovative approaches and innovative partnership, a cure could come from radically unexpected places.”
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Cut 2 – Ron Garan, NASA Astronaut

TRT- 00:21 - “Today many people believe that it is impossible to solve many of the problems that we face.  Many people believe that it is impossible to completely eradicate cancer. They believe that people are not willing to come together to set aside their differences, to address and solve the challenges we all face, but if we can land on the moon and return to Earth safely, if nations can join together and build an enormous, incredibly capable research facility in orbit, we can by working together solve the problems that we all face, including the elimination of cancer.”
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