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NASA Announces Partnering Opportunities for Delivery of Online Content

NASA is looking for potential partners who may benefit from the delivery of the Agency’s web videos, both live and on-demand, and other online content to support increased public access and awareness of NASA activities.

Since 2005, NASA has delivered, in partnership with several companies live webcasts and on-demand video to cover NASA launches and missions. NASA has distributed more than 50 million streams of NASA Television with multiple peaks of more than 100,000 simultaneous users, going as high as 560,000 simultaneous users. These partnerships, which have since ended, have enabled NASA to disseminate our content to a much wider audience than we would have been capable of our own.

In the existing infrastructure without our delivery partners, NASA may have to cap the number of visitors and hours of web streaming coverage or eliminate it entirely for particular peak activities. This would force visitors to seek content from other venues that may or may not cover NASA missions. To avoid this situation, NASA seeks to broaden its ability to reach new audiences and numbers of people through access to multiple venues.

Therefore, NASA is seeking responses from those interested in supplementing NASA's existing bandwidth in live streaming, on-demand streaming and web content delivery. NASA is open to a variety of approaches, whether they encompass all three areas or a more limited approach, such as streaming live video to handheld devices; offering video in high definition; or offering live chats synchronously with video.

Provision of this capability to NASA under a Space Act Agreement requires a benefit to the Partner. NASA is interested in learning how a Partner may benefit from the planned activity. NASA will not display company logos on NASA online properties solely for promotional purposes but will consider their use, along with other partner identifiers, as buttons or links from NASA online properties. NASA will not consider responses that include the placement or embedding of commercial advertisements, either for the respondent(s) or third parties, within NASA content. Nor will NASA consider responses that would allow respondent(s) to license the NASA logo or other visual identifiers.

Read the full bandwidth-partnership announcement.

Responses to this announcement are due by 5 p.m. EDT on Aug. 3, 2012.

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