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Remembering Bob Hope, a friend of NASA
Image of entertainer Bob Hope, actress Barbara Eden, Paul Haney and the Apollo 7 crew: Donn Eisele, Walter Cunningham and Wally Schirra.
From left: Actress Barbara Eden, Bob Hope, Apollo 7 astronauts Donn Eisele, Walter Cunningham, Wally Schirra and Paul Haney, NASA's "Voice of Mission Control".

This undated photograph shows entertainer Bob Hope, who died Sunday at the age of 100, with the crew of Apollo 7: Wally Schirra, Walter Cunningham and Donn Eisele. Actress Barbara Eden joined Hope -- a pioneer in the television industry -- at the Johnson Space Center during an evening program honoring the crew, which broadcast the first live television from space.

Hope and NASA crossed paths many times, as the comedian and actor often featured astronauts on his television specials and tours to entertain the U.S. military. At a 1991 dinner for the original Mercury astronauts, the Washington Post quoted Hope as saying, "It's tough to play golf with astronauts. They count backwards."