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Liftoff of WISE!
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Tracy Young/WISE Launch Commentator: T-10... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three... two... one... we have ignition... and liftoff of a Delta II rocket and WISE, searching for stars and galaxies never seen before.

Steve Agid/Launch Vehicle Telemetry Manager: Good chamber pressure in both verniers and good chamber pressure in all three solids.

Hit 25 seconds, mark 25 seconds into the flight. Recovering nicely from the original main engine pitch and yaw transients.

Coming up 36 seconds, mark 36 seconds, vehicle now at Mach 1. Still looking good.

Forty-five seconds in. Pressure beginning to decline on our solids. Fifty seconds in, max Q, maximum dynamic pressure. Coming up on one minute into the flight, standing by for burnout.

And we have burnout, burnout of the three engines. The three ground-lit solids, we'll be holding onto those three solids for about 30 seconds to assure a good water-impact point.

One minute, 15 seconds in. Altitude 9.4 nautical miles, downrange distance 9 nautical miles, velocity 988 mph. Ten seconds until we jettison the three solids, standing by.

We have separation of the three solid motors. The Delta vehicle now only weighs one-half of what it did at launch two minutes ago, as we're burning propellant at the rate of 800 pounds per second.

Now passing two minutes, five seconds into the flight, altitude 19.1 nautical miles, downrange distance 2 nautical miles, velocity 1,768 mph.

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