NASA TV's This Week @ NASA, Week Ending Feb. 2

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NASA TV's This Week @ NASA, Week Ending Feb. 2
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This Week at NASA

Expedition 14 Commander Mike Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer Suni Williams ventured outside the International Space Station for the first in a series of planned spacewalks. The two worked on bringing the station's cooling systems into permanent configuration, and helped ground teams retract the heat-rejecting radiators on the P6 solar array truss structure.

A ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center marked the transition of the historic Operations and Checkout Building to NASA's Constellation Program. Originally built to process space vehicles in the Apollo era, the Operations and Checkout Building now serves as the final assembly facility for the Orion crew exploration vehicle that will take a new generation of explorers to the moon.

Stennis Space Center hosted six members of the STS-116 crew. The astronauts shared highlights of their 13-day December mission to the International Space Station aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.

Commander Mark Polansky SOT: "How we feel to just be on our backs when we get this kind of power that's going on."

Launch Announcer SOT: "...We have booster ignition and liftoff…"

The crewmembers, led by Commander Mark Polansky, thanked Stennis employees for their efforts in making reliable main engines that propel the Space Shuttles to orbit. Since 1975, all space shuttle main engines have been tested and proven flight-worthy at Stennis.

Communicating in real-time with a Dryden Flight Research Center pilot during a flight was a highlight of this year's Bohn-Meyer Math and Science Odyssey at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, California. More than 250 eighth-grade students participated in workshops in engineering, meteorology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. The annual event is named for Marta Bohn-Meyer, Dryden's former chief engineer.

The Kennedy Space Center will host the inaugural World Space Expo in November. That announcement came after a spectacular demonstration at Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility by a member of the Air Force Thunderbirds. The world-renowned flyers will perform an aerial salute during the Expo's opening weekend.

John Glenn SOT: "…It just seems like it was last week instead of 45 years ago."

Former NASA Astronaut and U.S. Senator, John Glenn was at NASA Headquarters to tape an interview about the Mercury Program and his historic 1962 flight aboard Friendship 7.

John Glenn SOT: "…Roger, Zero G and I feel fine. The capsule is turning around."

NASA marks the 45th anniversary of Humans on Orbit on February 20 with a series of muliti-media products that feature Glenn, Wally Schirra and Scott Carpenter. The three are the surving members of the original class of seven Mercury astronauts.
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