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This Week At NASA...

After performing its role as a standby rescue vehicle for the Hubble Servicing Mission, space shuttle Endeavour was readied for its primary mission to the International Space Station. Mated to its external tank and solid rocket boosters, the orbiter was rolled from Launch Pad 39B to 39A at the Kennedy Space Center for its targeted June 13th launch on STS-127. During its 16-day mission, the 127 crew commanded by Mark Polansky will deliver the final components of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Kibo laboratory.

Mark Polansky: "We are really thrilled to be here. We’re getting darn close to kicking this mission off next Saturday. I want to offer up our appreciation to all of the folks at the Kennedy Space Center, and everywhere throughout the agency, for the hard work they’ve done getting this vehicle ready."

With this smooth, morning takeoff from Edwards Air Force Base, space shuttle Atlantis began its two-day ferry flight back to the Kennedy Space Center. Mounted on a modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft, Atlantis made the cross-country trip from California to Florida in two days, with stopovers in El Paso, San Antonio, and at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. Returned from its STS-125 mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, Atlantis will now be processed for its next mission, STS-129, to the International Space Station. That launch is targeted for November 12th.


Ribbon Cutting: "2-1 cut."

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was among the special guests at the official opening of the Stennis Space Center’s new Emergency Operations Center. This unique facility of green-certified construction houses Stennis’ fire department, protective and medical services, and Energy Management Control System.

Gov. Haley Barbour: "For all that you mean to, and do for Hancock County, the coast, and all the people in this city, thank you very much." (applause)

The new 78-thousand square foot center is also equipped with a state-of-the-art HazNet Emergency Management System developed through NASA’s Innovative Research Program. Stennis’ new Emergency Ops Center is one of only nine federal facilities designated by the National Weather Service as StormReady and prepared for extreme weather.

Also at Stennis, former and current employees turned out for the center’s annual Old Timer’s Day celebration. A causal cookout provided the setting for everyone to chat and reminisce about “the good old days” at Stennis. Many of the retirees helped build the Stennis Space Center in the 19-60s. The event held at the center’s Cypress House pavilion was sponsored by the Stennis Recreational Association.

The Marshall Space Flight Center opened its doors to the future leaders of America during its annual "Take Our Children to Work Day." This year’s theme was “Building Partnerships to Educate and Empower.” More than a thousand children grades 3-12 toured the center’s facilities and participated in a variety of science and space-related activities.

Stephanie Lacy-Conerly: "I think it was very important to bring Darius because I think our kids not only need to know what we do, but also to see the great work we do here at Marshall."

Events included space-themed art projects, building virtual launch vehicles and launching handmade rockets. The young guests also learned about bicycle and helmet safety, fire safety, and smart money management.

Several hundred community leaders, business executives, educators, community organizers, and state and local government leaders attended the Kennedy Space Center’s annual Community Leaders Breakfast. Center Director Bob Cabana gave an overview of operations at Kennedy and a look ahead at upcoming missions and activities.

The Goddard Space Flight Center co-hosted Maryland’s Place in Space, a free, family-friendly expo, at the Baltimore Convention Center. The event featured more than a hundred exhibits and activities, including hands-on science projects and demonstrations, robotic competitions and creative interactive projects with NASA astronauts. Highlighted were critical missions in Earth science, heliophysics, planetary exploration and astrophysics. Maryland’s Place in Space also spotlighted Maryland’s top engineers and their development of new technologies for science and research.

That evening, more than 900 Goddard employees turned their attention to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the space flight center with a cocktail reception, dinner, and a special performance by singer Patti Labelle.

(nat Patti Labelle singing Lady Marmelade)

And that's This Week At NASA!

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