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Atlantis Lifts Off on STS-135
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Launch Commentator George Diller:
Go for main engine start.


(Roar of engines igniting)


All three engines up and burning.



zero and liftoff!

The final liftoff of Atlantis. On the shoulders of the space shuttle, America will continue the dream.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Roll program, Houston.

CAPCOM Barry Wilmore: Roger Roll, Atlantis.
Flight Commentator Rob Navius: Houston now controlling the flight of Atlantis.

The space shuttle spreads it wings one final time for the start of a sentimental journey into history.

Twenty-four seconds into the flight, roll program complete, Atlantis now heads-down, wings level on the proper alignment for its eight-and-half minute ride into orbit.

Four and half million pounds of hardware and humans taking aim on the International Space Station.

Forty seconds in to the flight, the three liquid-fueled main engines throttling back to 72 percent of their rated performance in the bucket, reducing stress on the shuttle as it goes transonic for the final time.

Engines now revving up, standing by for the throttle-up call.

CAPCOM Barry Wilmore:
Atlantis, go at throttle up, no action DTDT.

Commander Chris Ferguson:
Go at throttle up, no action on the DTDT.
Flight Commentator Rob Navius:
That call from CAPCOM Barry Wilmore a transducer, instrumentation only, no action required.

Atlantis now 15 miles in altitude, already 16 miles downrange from the Kennedy Space Center, one minute, 40 seconds into the flight. Atlantis flexing its muscles one final time.

Atlantis traveling almost 2,600 mph, 21 miles in altitude, 24 miles downrange.

Standing by for solid rocket booster separation.

Booster officer confirms staging, a good solid rocket booster separation, guidance now converging, the main engines now steering the shuttle on a pinpoint path to its preliminary orbit
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