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Discovery Heads to Space
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Mike Curie/STS-128 Launch Commentator: T-15 seconds. The sound suppression water system has been activated.... We have a "go" for main engine start. And we have main engine start. Two… one… booster ignition... and liftoff of Discovery, celebrating its 25th birthday by racking up science and supplies to the space station.

Rob Navias/Ascent Commentator: Houston now controlling the midnight rider Rick Sturckow and his crew to the International Space Station. Discovery rolling onto the proper alignment for its 8 1/2-minute ride to orbit. Four-and-a-half million pounds of hardware and humans taking aim on the international outpost. Thirty-two seconds into the flight, three liquid fuel main engines soon will throttle back to 72 percent of rated performance down on the bucket, reducing the stress on the shuttle as is goes transonic. Discovery 3 1/2 miles in altitude, 4 miles downrange from the Kennedy Space Center. Standing by for the throttle-up call now from the CAPCOM Eric Boe.

Eric Boe/CAPCOM: Discovery.

Rick Sturckow/STS-128 Commander: Copy. Go ahead, throttle up.

Rob Navias/Ascent Commentator: The throttle-up call acknowledged by Commander Rick Sturckow, joined on the flight deck by Pilot Kevin Ford, Flight Engineer Jose Hernandez and Pat Forrester. Seated down on the middeck are Danny Olivas, Christer Fuglesang of the European Space Agency, and Nicole Stott, hitching a ride for three months on the International Space Station. One minute, 30 seconds into the flight. All of Discovery's systems performing normally. Seventeen miles in altitude, 18 miles downrange from the Kennedy Space Center. One minute, 50 seconds into the flight. Standing by for solid rocket booster separation. Booster officer confirms staging, a good solid rocket booster separation. Guidance now converging, the onboard computers steering the shuttle for its precise path to the International Space Station.

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