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Picture Perfect Landing
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Rick Sturckow/STS-128 Commander: Runway in sight, Houston.

Eric Boe/CAPCOM: Discovery, we copy.

Rob Navias/STS-128 Commentator: This view from the heads-up display camera, the same view that Rick Sturckow and Kevin Ford are seeing, now that we're aligned with Runway 22. One minute until touchdown.

Discovery right on the centerline. Moments from now, Rick Sturckow will flare up Discovery's nose. Pilot Kevin Ford will deploy the landing gear.

The pre-flare maneuver conducted. Landing gear down and locked. Main gear touchdown. Kevin Ford now deploying the drag chute. Nose gear touchdown.

Discovery rolling out on Runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., wrapping up a 5.7 million mile mission to resupply and fortify the International Space Station. Tim Kopra home after 58 days in space.

Rick Sturckow/STS-128 Commander: Houston, Discovery wheelstop.

Eric Boe/CAPCOM: Copy, wheelstop. Welcome home, Discovery. Congratulations on an extremely successful mission, stepping up science to a new level on the International Space Station.

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