STS-117 Lift Off!

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STS-117 Lift Off!
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GEORGE DILLER: T-10, nine, eight, seven, main engines start, five, four, three, two, one and liftoff of Space Shuttle Atlantis to assemble the framework for the science laboratories of tomorrow.

HOUSTON: Houston now controlling.

ATLANTIS: Houston, Atlantis. Roll program.

VOICE 1: Roger roll, Atlantis.

HOUSTON: Atlantis' roll maneuver is complete. The orbiter is in a heads- down position, on course for a 51.6-degree, 137-by-36-statute-mile orbit. All systems in good shape. Engines throttling down as Atlantis prepares to maneuver through the area of maximum dynamic pressure on the vehicle in the lower atmosphere. Already seven miles away from the Kennedy Space Center at an altitude of five miles. › View Now