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Commercial Crew Accelerating American Ride to LEO
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Ed Mango/NASA's Commercial Crew Program: All four companies here today are capable and are the leading edge of what is takes to get folks back into low-Earth orbit.

John Mulholland/The Boeing Company: It's really emotionally and also strategically important that this country is a spacefaring nation and we're excited to get back to that point.

Rob Meyerson/Blue Origin: ft we want to explore the frontier, we have to have a way to get there. We've got to, you know, drive our own vehicle.

Mark Sirangelo/Sierra Nevada Corp.: The idea of creating American jobs in American industry and moving forward, not just the hardware and the people, but the future of our children who are looking toward what they want to do with their future.

Phil Mcalister/NASA Commercial Spaceflight Development: The Commercial Crew Program and our efforts to low-Earth orbit, including the International Space Station, are just one part of NASA's overall strategy. We obviously have a deep-space exploration strategy that the programs that are supporting those are the Space Launch System and the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle. So we have a complementary, dual strategy at NASA, letting the private sector take a little bit more responsibility for low-Earth orbit and International Space Station cargo and crew resupply while still NASA sort of retains its more traditional role in the deep space exploration part.

Rob Meyerson/Blue Origin: We felt looking at this program that was rolling out a few years ago was a way to significantly accelerate our efforts.

John Mulholland/The Boeing Company: It's an honor and certainly exciting to be a part of this important new development effort.

Mark Sirangelo/Sierra Nevada Corp.: We've gone from being something that is conceptual to something that is now a full flight sized vehicle ready to start its flight tests.

Garrett Reisman/SpaceX: We're very, very proud to be part of the group, the Commercial Crew Program, that's going to get Americans back into space. And at SpaceX we feel a sense of urgency to get Americans back into space on safe and reliable transportation on American made rockets.

Ed Mango/NASA's Commercial Crew Program: The partnership between NASA and each of these companies clearly shows that we have a very vibrant space industry in the United States and the space industry wants to meet the goal of getting a U.S. capability back into to low-Earth orbit.

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