Space Shuttle Minute

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Space Shuttle Minute
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I'm Jeff Skaja, NASA test director, and this is the Space Shuttle Minute.

The preparation for space shuttle Discovery's up-and-coming STS-124 mission is in full-swing.

Technicians prepared Discovery inside the Orbiter Processing Facility for its short trip to Kennedy’s Vehicle Assembly Building.

With the landing gear retracted, the vehicle was carefully positioned on the Orbiter Transport System and rolled slowly over to the VAB's transfer aisle.

The external tank and the solid rocket boosters were stacked on the mobile launch platform in high bay 3, awaiting the arrival of the orbiter.

After reaching the VAB, the shuttle was hoisted vertically and joined with the twin solid rocket boosters and the external tank.

Discovery has now made its 3.4-mile journey to the Launch Pad 39A, marking the next major milestone for a targeted May 31 launch date.

I'm Jeff Skaja and that's your Space Shuttle Minute.

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