Space Shuttle Minute

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Space Shuttle Minute
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I'm Greg Gaddis, NASA Test Director, and this is the Space Shuttle Minute, your sixty-second NASA space shuttle update.

NASA's Kennedy Space Center took on the feel of launch day after the crew of space shuttle Endeavour's STS-123 mission arrived February 23 for a launch dress rehearsal. Endeavour's seven astronauts and ground teams participated in what's called the terminal countdown demonstration test, or TCDT.

The training included astronauts practicing emergency evacuation procedures at the launch pad and checking the fit of their orange pressure suits.

TCDT wrapped up February 25 with a full practice countdown that featured everything but fueling the shuttle and an actual launch.

The crew members then returned to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houstonto ready themselves for the 25th mission to the International Space Station.

Space shuttle Endeavour is targeted to launch March 11 at 2:28 a.m. Eastern time.

I'm Greg Gaddis and that's your Space Shuttle Minute.

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