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Atlas V Launches SDO
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George Diller/SDO Launch Commentator:
T minus 10... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... "go" for main engine start... three... two... one... zero... and ignition... and liftoff of a the Atlas V with the Solar Dynamics Observatory, learning why our star is changing our lives.


Rob Gagnon/Launch Vehicle Telemetry Manager:
... coming up on going into closed loop control and Atlas PU. And return to closed loop control on Atlas utilization. Pressure's continuing to look good. Mission operating pressure's continue to look good. Flight control data is smooth as expected for this portion of atmospheric flight. Coming up on Mach 1. And the vehicle is now supersonic. Approaching max dynamic pressure. Everything is looking good. And we are hitting Max Q. VU is controlling as expected. Operating as expected. Everything looking good. And the vehicle continues right down the center of the range track. We are 12 miles in altitude, 11 miles downrange, traveling at 2,300 mph.

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