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Liftoff of NASA's Radiation Belt Storm Probes
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Tracy Young/NASA Launch Commentator: Liftoff of the Atlas V rocket and twin spacecraft on a mission to unlock the mysteries of Earth's Van Allen Belts.

Marty Malinowski/Flight Telemetry Engineer: Booster engines continue to perform well. Top speeds within the parameters (inaudible) pressures are stable.

(Inaudible) . . . and we throttle back.

Correction, we did not throttle back. The roll program was complete. Coming up on Max-Q (Inaudible).


Booster engines continue to operate nominally.


The vehicle continues to fly well (Inaudible).

Boosters throttle back, engine response looks good. (Inaudible) . . . continues to control nominally.

Current altitude is 11.2 nautical miles, downrange distance 8.1 miles, velocity is 2,340 miles per hour.

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