Delta II Lofts OSTM/Jason-2 Into Space

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Delta II Lofts OSTM/Jason-2 Into Space
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NASA Launch Commentator George Diller: Nine… eight…seven…six…five…four…three…main engine start. Two… one… and liftoff of the Delta II with Jason-2 for the Ocean Surface Topography Mission, measuring sea level from space.


Mission Control: Solid motors reaching their peak chamber pressures.

First stage has worked its way out of the liftoff transients. Main engine, verniers, and solid motors continue to burn well. We have exceeded Mach-1. And now exceeded Max-Q.

First stage altitude disturbances are nominal. Reaching solid motor burnout of the three solid motors.

Vehicle now at an altitude nine nautical miles. Downrange distance 11.

Coming up on T plus 85 seconds.

Main engine and verniers continue to burn well. Very solid chamber pressures there.

And we're coming up on solid motor jettison. Yes, confirmed solid motor jettison. All three.

We're looking at the normal roll disturbances at solid motor jettison. Vehicle now at a velocity of 1,200 miles per hour.

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