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NASA X: Vince Whitfield
NASA X host Vince Whitfield

NASA X host Vince Whitfield with the "NASA Launchpad" 2010 EMMY.
Credit: NASA/Vince Whitfield

Vince Whitfield is a Florida native from a military family who spent many years living in the United Kingdom. His travels have given him many unique experiences... as well as his distinctive British accent.

Previous television experience includes hosting the NASA TV show "NASA Launchpad" that was awarded an EMMY in 2010. Vince has also been involved in NASA outreach programs since a summer internship in 2005 at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.

A self-proclaimed "fitness fanatic," Vince likes to spend his spare time working out. When he's not in the gym, he can also be found entertaining one of his other hobbies -- restoring vintage motorcycles.

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