NE@The Moon Buggy Race

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NE@The Moon Buggy Race
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Chris Giersch: Co-Host
Blair Allen: Co-Host
Franklin Fitzgerald: News Anchor

With Special Guest: Brandon Endo

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Are you excited about the races today?

LAURA: [nods head smiling]

MALE VOICE: On your mark, get set, go.

MALE VOICE: …going to have one team member behind the bike wheel here, one person behind the seat and you can join in wherever.

BLAIR: I want to be in the front with my face prominent.

MALE: You guys ready? 1, 2, 3… [camera shutter]

CROWD: Go NASA Edge. Go NASA Edge.

Flashback to Brandon's training for the Moon Buggy Race

BLAIR: Faster, Brandon, faster. You're not going to win in this condition. You must be faster than they are. Okay, Brandon, that's right. Those legs have got to burn more than that buddy if you're going to be a winner. I see a loser in an astronaut suit right now. I'm not seeing what I need to see. Pain is gain. Let's pick it up. You're not going to win a Moon Buggy race like that Brandon. You must fight gravity.

More training

BLAIR: Yes, very nice. Very nice. Very good. I like to see that. Pain is gain. Nice… a lot better in zero G but for now the hard stuff. Very good, keep it up. I'm tired now, so keep it going while I catch my breath. We're going to do a little fire feet. When I blow the whistle, you're going to have to drop. Fire feet! We're on Mercury. We're on Mars. We're on Mercury. We're on the sun. Oh yeah Brandon, it's hot on the sun. It's hot on Mercury. Get ready 'cause it's comin' [whistle] Get up, get up! You're burning! You're burning! Get up Brandon. You don't want it bad enough Brandon. You're gonna have to get up. You're gonna have to fight for it. You're burning up. Those moon buggies are blowing you out of the water. Don't let them get you Brandon. It's hot. It's hot on Mercury. It's hot on Mars. No, it's cold on Mars. But for our purposes today, it's very hot.

[lively music]

MALE: Ready? Go on go. Set, go.

[cheering & screaming]

BLAIR: Ride like you want to go to Mars. That's great. Those legs have got to burn more than that buddy, if you're gonna' to make it, if you're gonna be a winner.

BLAIR: Let's go over this one more time. It's real simple. You basically have all your math symbols over here. The moon buggy has this tandem deal. You have two guys here, interesting figures; some pedals. Of course, you've got your high math symbols here with the Vt and dt, sine and cosine and what not; performance pie chart, I've developed here, which you combine with all these equations obviously; with all this. And you see it's going to be 110 degrees out there, very hot. It's going to be a rough day but if all my calculations are correct, we're going to look at victory. Right here, see all that here equals victory. Hey Brandon, can you pay attention there? Of course we have to factor in some of these other teams like Point of Contact Moon Runners. We don't know if they have an eligible team. They need to be tested. Lunartics, kind of crazy. Team Orion, hay bashers. So you don't know exactly what you might be up against. The final thing I want you guys to remember, of course, is the ultimate message that we can't forget and that is the NASA theme… "Failure is not an option." Oh, wait a minute. How'd that happen? How'd that happen? Oh well, it's clear around here on the other side. Failure not an option. Just remember these equations and we'll get a victory. We will win.



BLAIR: Excellent job guys.

MALE: Here's your number, guys. Congratulations, that was excellent.

BLAIR: The pre-press says we might have set the time to beat. Good job, guys.


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