Set Therapist Ron Beard

Ronald Beard is the Director of the NASA EDGE Vodcast and the Set Therapist for both the inside and outside members of the NASA EDGE Team.

NASA EDGE Set Therapist Ron Beard

Ron Beard.

Credit: NASA

Though not classically trained in therapy, his experiences in production for the past 18 years became the basis of this new work.

In production, Ron has paid his dues almost exclusively behind the camera. He has spent years as a grip, cameraman, director of photography, dramatic director and a show producer. Beginning this long road in college with his professor, "K-man," he spent three years being mentored in field production and editing.

During this time, using his almost preternatural understanding of human nature, he began to study people and their behavior. After failing to read several textbooks, he enlisted the support of his lovely wife Sheila to develop a rough draft of what would become the backbone of his quasi-medical career: the self-published "Mediocre Megalomania or Real Artificial Intelligence among TV People."

Currently, he joins Chris Giersch and the rest of the NASA EDGE Team in celebrating all things NASA while tirelessly trying to bring the Co-Host up to speed.

When he isn't managing egos, he spends time at home with his wife and their four children. Where he is training them to audition for the co-host position, once they can see over the EDGE desk.