Special Co-Host Jaqueline Mirielle Cortez
Jaqueline Mirielle Cortez

NASA EDGE Special Co-Host Jaqueline Mirielle Cortez.

Credit: NASA

Jaqueline Mirielle Cortez joined NASA in 1998 as a high school student working in the Human Resources Office. Since then, she has been employed by MEI Technologies, Inc. Working in NASA's Space Life Sciences Directorate, she has been a secretary and a Contract Specialist. She is currently a Business Specialist and Education and Outreach Lead.

Jaqueline has dual Bachelors degrees in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She is working toward an advanced degree in Cross-Cultural Studies.

Jaqueline leads the development of a new youth education project called "21st Century Explorer/Explorador del Siglo 21," which seeks to motivate young students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Explorador del Siglo 21 is aimed at the Hispanic community, making Jacqueline's bilingual skills a tremendous asset. Her other responsibilities include tracking costs, scheduling events and coordinating technical aspects of the Education and Outreach program and leading an education team for Wyle Laboratories, Inc.